Indiscriminate meaning in hindi | Indiscriminate ka matlab 

Indiscriminate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Indiscriminate 
Usage of Indiscriminate: 1: One shouldnt be indiscriminate in ones choice of friend. 2: Killing was indiscriminate 3: They issued communiqués condemning the GIA's indiscriminate targeting of women 4: Acting indiscriminate act without knowing whether we do right or wrong 5: Regardless, indiscriminate 6: Whoever applauds indiscriminate
Indiscriminate ki paribhasha : jisamen kai ya sab prakaar ke padaarth aadi hon bhed ya antar ka abhaav nyaayadarshan ke anusaar vishesh gyaan ka abhaav adhikata se

Indiscriminate synonyms
wholesale haphazard aimless unplanned extensive assorted broad careless confused desultory general heterogeneous hit-or-miss jumbled miscellaneous mixed mongrel motley multifarious promiscuous purposeless shallow spot superficial sweeping uncritical varied variegated wide unconsidered unsystematic designless imperceptive mingled undiscriminating unmethodical unselective
Indiscriminate antonyms
planned chosen discriminatory methodical selective specific systematic critical definite particular 
Usage of Indiscriminate in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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