Inexorably meaning in hindi | Inexorably ka matlab 

Inexorably meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Inexorably 
Usage of Inexorably: 1: time marches on inexorably 2: The 125,000-strong Grande Armée marched inexorably forward 3: D'une inexorably

Inexorably synonyms
viciously fiercely savagely in cold blood meanly murderously mercilessly relentlessly ferociously ruthlessly atrociously barbarically barbarously brutishly callously demoniacally diabolically ferally hardheartedly heartlessly inhumanely inhumanly pitilessly remorselessly something fierce something terrible unkindly unrelentingly certainly definitely permanently completely lastly assuredly in conclusion once and for all settled conclusively decisively beyond recall beyond shadow of doubt convincingly determinately done with enduringly for all time for ever for good inescapably irrevocably past regret with conviction naturally unquestionably undoubtedly accordingly consequently fundamentally indubitably of course perforce positively willy-nilly automatically no doubt as a matter of course axiomatically by definition by its own nature cardinally come what may compulsorily exigently from within incontrovertibly ineluctably irresistibly of necessity pressingly significantly unpreventably vitally without fail beyond one's control inevitably plainly absolutely indeed evidently clearly decidedly distinctly doubtlessly admittedly beyond doubt explicitly fixedly for certain for real infallibly irrefutably manifestly nothing else but rain or shine to be sure unequivocally unerringly unfailingly unmistakably unshakably with certainty
Inexorably antonyms
kindly gently humanely nicely doubtfully dubiously questionably inconclusively unnecessarily indefinitely vaguely uncertain 
Usage of Inexorably in sentences

The word is used as adverb in english grammar. The word can be used as verb or adverb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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