Infirmity meaning in hindi | Infirmity ka matlab 

Infirmity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Infirmity 
Usage of Infirmity: 1: our inability to see everything minutely and clearly is due merely to the infirmity of our senses 2: faintness of heart and infirmity of purpose 3: During a temporary physical infirmity or an absence from the kingdom 4: He eagerly supports his infirmity strong 5: It also means of which the physical and intellectual faculties are weak by nature or as a result of infirmity or age 6: It is a spirit of infirmity than not wanting to recognize the merit 7: It is a very troublesome infirmity 8: Keep the bed, do not leave the bed, Staying in bed due to illness or infirmity 9: One of the two genres, one that manufactures or sells bandages for remedying of some infirmity 10: The human infirmity

Infirmity synonyms
malady ailment imperfection deficiency affliction frailty decrepitude debility failing debilitation decay feebleness fault confinement vulnerability disease indisposition malaise shortcoming defect disorder ill health flu unwellness unhealthiness diseasedness sickliness
Infirmity antonyms
health perfection advantage strong point improvement soundness healthiness ability strength good health robustness 
Usage of Infirmity in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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