Info meaning in hindi | Info ka matlab 

Info meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Info 
Info ki paribhasha : vah baat jo kisi ko bataane, jataane ya saavadhaan karane ke liye kahi jaay

Info synonyms
conversation disclosure tidings excerpt dispatch warning message prophecy announcement directive revelation note speech statement poop publicity advice converse declaration report news translation missive account goods word language work summary scoop briefing skinny utterance bulletin prã©cis ideas pipeline communiquã© hot story inside story lowdown picture statistics knowledge dossier testimony notes score details circumstances proof brass tacks chapter and verse input memorandums documents conclusions compilations measurements results reports materials experiments figures abstracts whole story tip developments confirmation sign deposition indication clue witness demonstration index corroboration testimonial cue mark averment affirmation manifestation substantiation symptom attestation token testament gospel clincher significant smoking gun documentation grabber cincher indicia reality certainty bottom line numbers inside dope like it is groundwork argument motive wherefore infrastructure pretext underpinning footing call bedrock factor cause inducement foundation justification substratum excuse reason base rationale seat why antecedent trial occasion root determinant straight stuff whyfor instruction science orientation learning illumination erudition confidence network notification lore enlightenment dirt wisdom break counsel leak propaganda earful ammo what's what tip-off rumor findings hot tip comment criticism order manifesto proclamation advertisement poster review handbill admonition caution critique circular intimation remark caveat write-up squib comments
Info antonyms
ignorance secret quiet silence concealment suppression question cover withholding genius brain denial contradiction hiding disproof refutation heresay hypothesis theory lies hindrance annex discouragement inability ineptness answer heedlessness neglect 
Usage of Info in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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