Intricate meaning in hindi | Intricate ka matlab 

Intricate meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Intricate 
Usage of Intricate: 1: The intricate work on the porcelain is beautiful. 2: Krill feature intricate compound eyes 3: The layout of the palace is intricate 4: Numerous intricate tenets of Pashtunwali influence Pashtun social behavior. 5: Unencumbered by continental wars or intricate alliances 6: Civilizations have even more intricate cultures 7: Chappe's system comprised an intricate network of small towers
Intricate ki paribhasha : sharminda kiya hua vah halaki jutaayi jo paani barasane par dhaan ke boe hue kheton men ki jaati hai ek prakaar ka kaside ka kaam jisamen kaadhate samay phnde lagaaye jaate hain vah vratt jisake chaaron charanon men baraabar baraabar akshar na hon, balki kam aur jyaada akshar hon jata ke ulajhe hue baalon ki tarah jisaka sulajhana bahut kathin ho

Intricate synonyms
tricky tortuous sophisticated complex tangled convoluted labyrinthine baroque difficult abstruse can of worms fancy hard involved obscure perplexing rococo byzantine daedal entangled high-tech
Intricate antonyms
uncomplicated obvious methodical systematic easy direct straight straightforward simple clear plain apparent understandable 
Usage of Intricate in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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