Jail meaning in hindi | Jail ka matlab 

Jail meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Jail 
Usage of Jail: 1: opaque windows of the jail 2: The jailor of Central jail is very strict. 3: He was sentenced to jail for committing a rape. 4: Yeah, my old man's in jail . 5: The cops dragged her off to jail . 6: My uncle was in jail for a day once . 7: The cops threw Max into jail again . 8: In order to avoid going to jail 9: After visiting Carter in jail 10: McCartney and Best spent three hours in a local jail and were deported
Jail ki paribhasha : vah sthaan jahaaan kaidi rakhe jaate hon vah sthaan jahaaan raajy dvaara dndit aparaadhi aadi kuchh nishchit samay ke liye rakhe jaate hain

Jail synonyms
penitentiary lockup cell prison dungeon pound solitary cooler stir inside joint stockade reformatory clink brig rack can black hole detention camp house of correction penal institution slammer bastille bullpen jailhouse up the river confine sentence imprison detain hold immure book railroad cage constrain impound put away take away lock up put behind bars put on ice send up throw away the keys throw in dungeon throw the book at
Jail antonyms
liberate release free let go 
Usage of Jail in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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