Jealousy meaning in hindi | Jealousy ka matlab 

Jealousy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Jealousy 
Usage of Jealousy: 1: cherish their official political freedom with fierce jealousy 2: Blind jealousy is a frequent corollary of passionate love. 3: Cervantes told stories of adultery, jealousy and crime. 4: Thus Troilus' jealousy of Diomede 5: A low jealousy 6: A secret jealousy 7: A tyrannical jealousy 8: Blades jealousy, jealousy Small boards that make up a 9: Designing jealousy 10: Exciter envy, jealousy
Jealousy ki paribhasha : shav jalaane ki kriya kisi vishay ki satyata ya asatय़ta ke snbndh men honevaala sndeh kisi ka mukh ya usaki snpada na dekh sakane ka svabhaav bahut adhik irsha्ya ya daah

Usage of Jealousy in sentences

The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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