Jest meaning in hindi | Jest ka matlab 

Jest meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Jest 
Usage of Jest: 1: There is no need to jest about Lady Bracknell . 2: Please don't jest at my cousin . 3: Beckett occasionally recounted the incident in jest 4: We usually say in jest Between four-z eyes 5: Do not act in jest 6: Don Quixote Horse name, which is quoted here because it is said in jest d a lanky Horse and unprepossessing 7: For joke, by way of joke, jest For without taking the thing seriously 8: Have you completed your patenôtres? It is familiar and is only used in jest 9: It also refers colloquially Someone that we do not know, we do not want to name, which is spoken in jest or with contempt 10: It is also said in jest and figuratively today, in colloquial language, a murderous look
Jest ki paribhasha : doodh denevaali gaay ki ek achchhi jaati vah vyaapaara, ghatana ya baat aadi jisaki vilakshanata aadi ke kaaran chitt ka vinod aur manornjan ho kisi vishisht snpradaay ka saadhu snt pr

Jest synonyms
one-liner hoax gag laugh wisecrack rib pleasantry prank funny sport quip jolly play banter game witticism spoof sally ridicule jive bon mot rib-tickler rag gird deride josh mock fool gibe needle scoff flout chaff sneer kid razz tease jeer roast put on
Jest antonyms
work compliment praise flatter commend 
Usage of Jest in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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