Kick off meaning in hindi | Kick off ka matlab 

Kick off meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Kick off 
Usage of Kick off: 1: Teams also kick off after scoring touchdowns and field goals. 2: New Jersey to kick off the American leg of the tour. 3: Also the kick off is known to be called "Rug Off" in some regions.
Kick off ki paribhasha : ek sthaan se doosare sthaan par karana

Kick off synonyms
emerge take off set appear rise come out start enter happen occur sail sprout spring originate emanate arise dawn germinate bud derive from be born come forth come into existence crop up get going get show on road get under way grow out of issue forth make tick proceed from result from send off stem from embark on enter upon come into being get cracking hit the ground running jump into lead off start the ball rolling tear into get one's feet wet set up dedicate induct commission institute invest ordain bow break in break the ice make up get things rolling set in motion usher in trigger pioneer admit install come out with come up with dream up take in get ball rolling get feet wet suggest offer propose submit recommend announce advance familiarize harbinger acquaint air herald ventilate moot preface broach precede bring out bring up fix up get together do the honors give introduction knock down lead into open up pave the way put forward set forth spring with start ball rolling bring in organize invent unveil plan found establish present innovate bring forward instigate break the seal embark upon set going convene meet sit raise the curtain begin business set up shop resume assume adopt pick up reopen renew continue embrace undertake tackle carry on espouse follow through get off go on take on restart become involved in engage in recommence set to tee off buy the farm croak die expire kick the bucket succumb cease living pass on push up daisies cash in one's chips meet one's maker
Kick off antonyms
disappear hide complete consummate leave end finish stop die shrink conclude cease close retract adjourn uninstall block reject terminate ignore halt expel neglect withhold deny refuse conceal dissuade erase subtract close up take away extract destroy keep shut exclude hinder cancel bury cover release abstain forget 
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The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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