Kink meaning in hindi | Kink ka matlab 

Kink meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Kink 
Usage of Kink: 1: If kink in his cloak, in its coverage 2: kink often says things that attach to others by several rounds 3: kink still means figuratively express something in an embarrassed way, obscure, too sought, either by design or by default sharpness in ideas 4: kink string around a package 5: plant of the genus Convolvulaceae flower funnel, the many species that most are climbers and kink to neighboring plants 6: this kink in paper
Kink ki paribhasha : vah sthiti jo rassi ya usi prakaar ki aur lachili chij ko lapetane ya marodne se praapt hoti hai svaron ke utaar chadhaav aadi ke vichaar se kisi git ko gaane ka dhng brahma ke chaar maanas putron men se ek vah chakkar ya ghumaav jo kisi lachili ya naram vastu ko badhaane ya ghumaane se bich bich men pad jaay

Kink synonyms
crimp wrinkle curve entanglement knot crinkle coil curl loop corkscrew frizz cramp pain stitch pinch twinge crick pang tweak stab charley horse muscle spasm flaw imperfection hitch difficulty impediment defect quirk whim vagary foible peculiarity eccentricity fetish singularity notion
Kink antonyms
easiness simplicity normalcy line perfection peace usualness normality 
Usage of Kink in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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