Lack meaning in hindi | Lack ka matlab 

Lack meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lack 
Usage of Lack: 1: The problem is aggravated by a lack of understanding. 2: The project was scuppered by lack of money. 3: The project foundered because of lack of proper planning. 4: He commited suicide due to lack of money to pay back for his debt. 5: There is lack of clarity in Radhas speech. 6: He suffers from a lack of confidence. 7: She has shadows under her eyes as she has been suffering from lack of sleep. 8: They escaped scotfree because of lack of evidence. 9: The lack of buyers drove the price down . 10: We don't lack for new ideas .
Lack ki paribhasha : aadhunik naiyaayikon ke mat ke anusaar vaisheshik shaastr men saatavaaan padaarth

Lack synonyms
loss shortfall inadequacy reduction dearth paucity absence poverty scarcity shortage shortcoming distress privation defect decrease want meagerness shrinking stint shrinkage depletion deficit abridgement exigency destitution inferiority insufficiency curtailment necessity miss default deprivation scantiness slightness retrenchment shortness exiguity insufficience require minus out be deficient in be short of be without have need of hurting for not got too little too late
Lack antonyms
success enough plenty sufficiency abundance affluence advantage perfection enlargement expansion increase extra plethora profusion surplus excess addition lot dislike have 
Usage of Lack in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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