Laid back meaning in hindi | Laid back ka matlab 

Laid back meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Laid back 
Usage of Laid back: 1: Initially laid back and even-keeled
Laid back ki paribhasha : adhik nahin aadi arthon ka soochak avyay

Laid back synonyms
mellow low-pressure undemanding haughty standoffish unsympathetic indifferent unresponsive above apart chilly cold cool forbidding hard-boiled lone wolf loner reserved secluded solitary supercilious thick-skinned unapproachable unconcerned unfriendly uninterested uppity withdrawn cold fish hard-hearted on ice putting on airs stuck up expansive peppy sunny bouncy breezy cheerful bright jovial lively resilient joyful jaunty animated blithe debonair effervescent elastic gay happy supple vivacious full of zip invigorated happy-go-lucky cheery airy careless insouciant radiant secure at ease easy-going feelgood unanxious unbothered disinterested abstract unbiased candid sober cold-blooded collected composed fair impersonal imperturbable judicial just moderate neutral nonpartisan objective quiet temperate tough unflappable uninvolved unmoved unprejudiced unruffled cold-fish cool cat iceberg nondiscriminatory poker-faced unexcitable unexcited couldn't care less arrogant ceremonious modest proud reticent retiring shy stiff stuck-up insociable put on airs uncompanionable matter-of-fact impassive deadpan blank flat frigid glacial heartless icy immovable in cold blood poker face nonemotional nowhere stony-eyed toneless unimpassioned with straight face genial amiable considerate compassionate tame pleasant benign placid tender affable soft humane taught cultivated pleasing domesticated agreeable bland kindly lenient manageable meek merciful pacific peaceful pliable softhearted tractable warmhearted biddable disciplined dove-like sweet-tempered unofficial spontaneous straightforward intimate colloquial congenial democratic everyday extempore familiar folksy frank homey inconspicuous loose mixed motley open ordinary sporty unceremonious unconventional unrestrained urbane off-the-cuff unconstrained down home free-and-easy improv throwaway unfussy without ceremony slow ebb wane dwindle recede taper subside decrease diminish dull decline subdue reduce coast quell allay chill out let up taper off unlax cool it go with the flow hang easy hang loose lay back let go let it all hang out mellow out take it easy callous stoic blah could care less insensible moony stolid unfeeling untouched draggy what the hell wimpy don't give a damn bored disenchanted fed up jaded knowing lukewarm mundane weary worldly been around twice cloyed disentranced done it all glutted satiated sick of surfeited world-weary levelheaded amicable patient satisfied still pleased civil equable inscrutable restful self-possessed undisturbed untroubled cool-headed poised cool as cucumber unimpressed mitigate placate appease assuage relieve steady soothe settle alleviate mollify balm tranquilize soft-pedal hush stroke becalm quieten cool out simmer down take the edge off cursory purposeless pococurante impartial removed staid spaced-out out of it spacey uncurious unpassioned obedient pliant well-behaved accommodating adaptable amenable childlike complacent ductile governable humble mild obliging orderly resigned teachable usable willing yielding acquiescent docious easily influenced weak-kneed even-tempered complaisant devil-may-care flexible free and easy indolent indulgent lazy liberal nonchalant tolerant uncritical uninhibited hang-loose outgiving halfhearted abstracted daydreaming dreamy enervated idle inattentive inert languishing limp romantic sentimental slothful spiritless fainã©ant energyless faineant spring fever uninspired boring blind colorless dark drab dry leaden nothing obscure pabulum prosaic unimaginative vanilla vapid zero muted ho-hum lusterless sombre comatose dopey faint feeble heavy inactive infirm phlegmatic sickly supine torpid unenthusiastic nebbish blahs pining sleepyhead snoozy comfortable delayed deliberate dilatory laggard slackened slow-moving unhasty debilitated dormant drowsy somnolent stupefied slumberous having spring fever stretchy joyous jolly playful upbeat frolicsome glad gleeful high-spirited jocund merry sprightly volatile blithesome lightsome lifeless absent heedless inanimate stupid thoughtless vacant lagging mopish subtle muffled low-pitched understated played down soft-sell softened toned down lullaby fall qualify cease cool off die down put a lid on quiet down take the sting out real simple genuine instinctive provincial primitive rustic innocent plain credulous direct forthright ignorant impulsive ingenuous naive sincere trusting unfeigned unpolished unschooled unsophisticated unstudied unworldly unforced being oneself inartificial simplehearted unassumed uncontrived undesigning unembarrassed unlabored up-front glib curt brusque cavalier repress ameliorate square dulcify grease propitiate conciliate chasten sweeten silence bury the hatchet butter up fix up smooth over kiss and make up make peace pacificate put the lid on static nonviolent bearing long-suffering asleep compliant enduring forbearing latent receptive submissive going through motions hands off nonresistant unassertive unresisting walking through it sketchy superficial involuntary mechanical negligent routine slipshod slovenly standard stereotyped stock unaware usual wooden going through the motions phoning it in quit capitulate comply give in drop fold melt weaken cry uncle come around cave in ease off give up be merciful die away ease up on give quarter give some slack give way go along with go easy on have mercy have pity let it happen lighten up say uncle show mercy change one's mind faraway introspective introverted uncommunicative subdued tasteful unobtrusive discreet reasonable controlled shrinking conservative under wraps uptight inobtrusive self-controlled undemonstrative chilled bottled up calm and collected corked up in charge in check on a leash unaffable under control unexcessive unexpansive unextreme solemn decorous somber dignified grave demure earnest no-nonsense proper seemly serious cold sober clear content halcyon limpid pellucid reconciled resting at peace cool as a cucumber stoical dodge drop off flag goof off lessen neglect release shirk tire goldbrick untighten featherbed lie down on job slack off slow down stagnant dragging lumpish sluggard sullen drippy pokey mooney sleepyheaded practical refined mature experienced practiced disillusioned seasoned adult cynical into sharp skeptical suave svelte well-bred with it citified couth in the know jet-set mondaine on to stagy streetwise switched on uptown wise to wised up worldly wise impervious proof unstirred unaltered not influenced uninfluenced unattached cut loose floating middle ground middle of the road nonaligned on the fence unaffiliated fence-sitting free-spirited unpledged don't care insensitive marble obdurate passionless uncompassionate unimpressionable along for the ride coldhearted going with the flow rolling with the punches unassuming unostentatious lowly unembellished unimposing unspoiled up front inelaborate unambitious unbeautified uncomplex unpresumptuous antagonistic hostile inaccessible inhospitable recessive reclusive secretive timid unbending uncongenial brooding nongregarious unforthcoming unneighborly unsocial indecisive uncertain hesitant nervous insecure shaky ineffectual unstable wobbly powerless frightened impotent irresolute nerveless palsied spineless timorous undependable unreliable unsure vacillating wavering wishy-washy faint-hearted fluctuant measured snail-like flagging
Laid back antonyms
friendly kind compassionate interested sociable warm sympathetic concerned apathetic inactive lethargic cloudy upset heavy-hearted quiet gloomy unhappy depressed sad lifeless weighted down dissatisfied heavyhearted worried troubled anxious biased emotional excited subjective prejudiced feeling involved moved partial adjacent nearby neighboring close responsive demonstrative irritable unfriendly hateful surly unfeeling cruel merciless agitated unkind callous healthy uncompassionate odorous putrid disagreeable mean hard harsh violent wild severe rough crude sharp strong low ceremonious official rigid dressed-up formal stiff buttoned-up increase grow enlarge incite amplify enhance intensify prolong revive advance forward rise raise develop expand extend win magnify caring nervous immoderate excessive fierce frenzied stormy angry excitable unreasonable uncontrolled turbulent furious mad roused ruffled worsen worry anger disquiet distract inflame outrage aggravate irritate provoke deliberate painstaking planned premeditated serious extroverted combined connected linked united outgoing attached coupled merged engaged determined headstrong intractable obstinate opinionated stubborn uncooperative unyielding inflexible demanding hurried intolerant critical hyped strict energetic lively careful enthusiastic hard-working shiny spirited bright shining alert animated vivacious hectic busy vital awake alive attentive untired noisy high-strung energized pumped up high-key arouse start disturb continue dishonest complicated intricate metropolitan modern cultured abnormal unnatural pretended false complex difficult sophisticated different uncommon affected artificial fixed modified refined considered practiced calculated impatient dynamic detailed thorough complete precise thoughtful ascend free build related relevant likely possible probable convenient approachable gentle communicative confident assured bold frivolous indecorous annoyed clamorous uncool poor disturbed stiffen tighten moving fast inexperienced unsophisticated encouraged naive uncultivated uncultured unrefined enchanted easy simple slow sensitive changed committed aligned brave conceited egotistical presumptuous flaunting pretentious proud pretending social nice unwavering stable potent capable sufficient guarded protected certain definite secure firm steady fit safe concentrated thick unshaky rushed speedy quick 
Usage of Laid back in sentences

The word is used as adjective verb in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi. 
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