Languid meaning in hindi | Languid ka matlab 

Languid meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Languid 
Usage of Languid: 1: French dance hall "musette" and Eastern European folk with a languid 2: A scene languid 3: Dragging a languid life, painful 4: Faith languid 5: Her illness was all languid 6: It says figuratively and familiarly, speaking of works of spirit of a long and boring piece, an ordinary development and languid 7: languid state 8: languid style, soft, loose, trivial, low 9: Look tender, loving, caressing, timid, languid 10: Old age languid
Languid ki paribhasha : chinta ya lajja aadi ke kaaran nistej

Languid synonyms
lazy languorous unhurried leisurely laid-back lackadaisical sluggish lethargic apathetic blah comatose dopey easy enervated faint feeble heavy impassive inactive indifferent inert infirm languishing leaden limp phlegmatic sickly slow spiritless supine torpid unconcerned unenthusiastic uninterested weak weary moony nebbish blahs energyless pining sleepyhead snoozy wimpy
Languid antonyms
energetic lively hurried alert animated spirited vivacious active hard-working 
Usage of Languid in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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