Lay down meaning in hindi | Lay down ka matlab 

Lay down meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lay down 
Usage of Lay down: 1: Go and lay down on your bed. 2: Miraculously the wolf closed his jaws and lay down at the feet of St. 3: Put down their arms, to arms down, lay down their arms, weapons Ask it is said that especially a Troupe visits, which always wrestling 4: Threatened with encirclement, the regiment had to lay down their arms 5: War Composition, treated one does for the surrender of a place, a post, an army, or to lay down their arms 6: Planche thin fir or other white wood, on which lay down the slate roofers

Lay down synonyms
speculate wager chance hazard put game venture ante trust risk pledge pony up dice buy in on lay odds play against play for play the ponies put money on tempt fortune toss up guide govern control decree lead bid manage pronounce direct ordain charge regiment enjoin instruct bulldoze order call the shots call the play call the tune lay down the law put foot down read the riot act take the reins walk heavy outline affirm articulate intone propound utter sound express develop show deliver vocalize state submit proclaim say promulgate announce postulate voice modulate declare enounce publish phonate appoint levy force institute require introduce foist place inflict demand establish enforce presume visit trespass intrude wreck fix compel wreak lade oblige burden exact saddle wish infringe command encroach obtrude constrain horn in force upon move in on read riot act take advantage drop allow have omit mislay suffer let permit leave behind let be let continue let go let stay jockey plan gamble engineer determine specify define settle choose decide assign select designate pick out write prescription condition lounge sprawl loll slope stretch lean slant list cant tilt heel stretch out be recumbent copy log register mark file report document preserve insert enroll cut chronicle indite enumerate matriculate inscribe note transcribe catalog book tape enter video dub tabulate wax chalk up put down take down videotape cut a track jot down keep account make a recording mark down put in writing put on file put on paper put on tape set down tape-record write in loaf slumber sleep deposit lie down settle down take it easy reverse depart fall back backtrack retire recede evacuate abandon back down go back withdraw escape hide back off reel shrink pull out relinquish quit run ebb resign avoid elude disengage fold sequester decamp evade retrograde vacate recoil regress quail back away back out beat it draw back hand over opt out turn tail retrocede cave in give ground go along with keep aloof keep apart move back seclude oneself start back resolve conclude hold find theorize adjudicate figure gather deduce adjudge infer pass upon name schedule price value allocate allot estimate regulate arrange agree upon fix price spell out guarantee covenant slot detail contract bargain promise insist upon lay finger on make a point pin down put down for specificate specificize sacrifice meet throw butt lay it down go down slump die perish yield bend succumb capitulate obey give in go under give up be casualty be destroyed be killed be lost be taken defer to eat dirt fall to pieces give way pass into enemy hands unwind calm down chill out sit back breathe easy collect oneself compose oneself cool off feel at home hang loose loosen up make oneself at home mellow out settle back sit around take a break take a breather take a load off take ten wind down catch one's breath put one's feet up couch nap siesta laze be prone be supine go to bed soften tranquilize knock off unbend unlax ease off let oneself go simmer down stop work take time out take one's time slack slacken nod snooze dream idle let down let up sit down drowse be at ease be comfortable ease up lie by lie still put feet up refresh oneself slack off take a nap take five take life easy flop hit the hay go to sleep hit the sack pile in roll in catch some z's
Lay down antonyms
displace remove disallow implore request mismanage ask repress confine conceal hide deny withhold muffle mumble leave alone be quiet question mispronounce prevent disorder aid forget overlook neglect help refuse reject keep come go continue care maintain ignore disorganize unsettle mislead mix up confuse misguide deprive take straighten energize level stand sit up be active withdraw cancel do be busy remain meet enter stay forward advance go forward take on face waver misunderstand begin start miss serve submit plead destroy ruin liquefy soften ascend dissuade hinder go up rise discourage finish halt imply wish break disagree decline break off calculate increase disobey climb attain overcome overthrow fight scale reach win be honest be upright worry excite grow agitate irritate tense activate carry out walk awaken get up 
Usage of Lay down in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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