Lazy meaning in hindi | Lazy ka matlab 

Lazy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lazy 
Usage of Lazy: 1: Im very lazy in this chilly weather. 2: You lazy fellow! Why not get ready to go to work. 3: they spent a lazy summer at the shore 4: The sergeant is death on lazy soldiers . 5: We don't need lazy people around here . 6: Susan pegged the new employee as a lazy worker . 7: "Kurt Cobain was just too lazy to shampoo," and Sub Pop's Jonathan Poneman said 8: It was also said that the staff were lax and lazy and the palace was dirty. 9: Rachmaninoff was found to be quite lazy 10: "too lazy to fish for himself" survived by robbing the Osprey of its catch.
Lazy ki paribhasha : chinta ya lajja aadi ke kaaran nistej vrakshon aur paudhon aadi ka vah bhaag jo jamin ke andar daba rahata hai aur jisake dvaara unaka poshan hota hai

Lazy synonyms
tired sleepy weary lackadaisical passive careless apathetic inattentive indifferent dull lethargic comatose dilatory drowsy idle indolent inert laggard languid lifeless loafing neglectful remiss shiftless slack slothful slow somnolent supine tardy torpid trifling unconcerned flagging languorous asleep on the job dallying out of it procrastinating slow-moving snoozy unenergetic unindustrious unpersevering unready
Lazy antonyms
energetic lively careful interested vivacious diligent industrious activated active fresh caring attentive concerned hard-working 
Usage of Lazy in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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