Leave out meaning in hindi | Leave out ka matlab 

Leave out meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Leave out 
Usage of Leave out: 1: Arts He said the body that make and leave out their indoor humidity

Leave out synonyms
bar debar except get rid of pass over suspend bate leave out of account mark off wipe out knock out oust dispose of waive stamp out ignore erase defeat cancel disqualify phase out eradicate invalidate drop annihilate eject expel liquidate terminate slay discard disregard murder kill reject exterminate discharge dismiss waste evict bump off cut out dispense with do away with put out rub out blot out cast out drive out set aside shut the door on take out prohibit prevent preclude refuse remove boycott ostracize ban block embargo sideline veto proscribe blackball bounce disallow blacklist repudiate interdict obviate close out estop shut out throw out force out keep out lock out refuse admittance ward off relinquish quit abstain renounce refrain resist eschew abandon forsake abdicate forbear cede sacrifice abjure yield desist resign surrender give in pass on pass up swear off go on the wagon leave alone pack in sit out take the cure take the oath obstruct hinder clog throttle congest choke impede stopper seal curb plug fill stop up edit withhold bypass neglect delete trim slight evade snip fail void knock off overpass pass by x-out blink at cast aside leave undone let go let slide miss out discount forget disdain fail to notice let fall between the cracks make light of pay no attention slip up revoke avert forbid abolish deter forestall recant stave off forfend not consider escape split flee desert play hooky run away skim over
Leave out antonyms
include consider figure on regard create aid permit preserve welcome hire choose ratify sanction hold keep retain add help allow establish approve save take in admit build begin initiate start bear give birth accept employ engage incorporate open let go support take on remain claim assert use refuse deny veto do defend continue fight win indulge assist facilitate unblock release unseal clear promote advance encourage forward free unstop unplug heed notice respect note insert remember attend look at pay attention succeed enter inject praise honor prevent recognize get follow authorize stay face meet 
Usage of Leave out in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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