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Lesion meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lesion 
Usage of Lesion: 1: In terms of surgery, it means bone lesion consisting of a continuity solution with or without removal of husks 2: In terms of surgery, Operate cold, practicing an operation on an organ, appendix, gallbladder, or a region, when the inflammatory phenomena that revealed the lesion disappeared 3: In the plural, he said, in terms of medicine, an organic lesion consisting of small rounded tumors, farms, often semi-transparent and glossy, which are mainly found in the larynx, in the lungs 4: It also said the disease caused by this lesion 5: It said, in terms of medicine, a lesion that tends to penetrate deep 6: lesion produced by a blunt body 7: Medicine lesion of the spinal cord 8: organic lesion 9: organic lesion of the heart, lung, alteration of the heart, lung, produced by some internal cause 10: The surgeon's examination revealed a lesion
Lesion ki paribhasha : vah kshat jo sharir men aaghaat ya asn aadi ke laganeg ke kaaran ho jaay ek prakaar ka phod jo girane, daudne ya kisi prakaar ka krur karm karane se hraday men hon jaata hai sharir par ka vah sthaan jo kat ya chir gaya ho ek vastu par kisi doosari vastu ka veg ke saath patan ya takkar

Lesion synonyms
sore laceration contusion bruise abrasion gash cut scrape scratch 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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