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Level meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Level 
Usage of Level: 1: Agricultural subsidies reduces the level of subsidy. 2: Insulin level should be often checked in diabetic patients. . 3: She will take the A level exams this year. 4: He has reached this level through nepotism. 5: Test the pH level of soil. 6: Some pieces of pottery were found in the lowest level of the excavations. 7: The level of sugar in his blood has gone down. 8: Everything was brought down to the child's level . 9: Just do your level best . 10: I will level up the table .
Level ki paribhasha : vidhi ya nishchay ke anukool praatibndh sharir ke antargat paaanch vaayuon men se ek vaayu jisaka sthaan naabhi maana gaya hai kisi vastu ka oopari bhaag vah sthaan jo kisi vastu ke niche padta ho motaayi ka phailaav jo kisi satah ke oopar ho bhoogarbh shaastr ke anusaar bhoomi aadi ka ek prakaar ka vibhaag jo usaki bhinn bhinn kaalon men bani hui tahon ke aadhaar par hota hai thatheron ka ek aujaar jisase ve khurachakar bara— tan chikane karate hai jisaka tal sam ho, oobad khaabad na ho lohe ya lakadi ka ek prakaar ka lnba aujaar jisase jamin chauras karate hain jisaki satah par koi ubhari ya jami hui vastu na ho

Level synonyms
matched trim constant flush polished matching same uniform calm stable flat rolled equivalent plane exact parallel like plain steady regular common straight akin alike commensurate comparable consistent continuous equable identical precise proportionate unbroken uninterrupted aligned planed leveled trimmed in line lined up of same height on a line on a par on one plane planate unfluctuating layer elevation zone floor altitude story surface stratum status degree grade standard achievement stage standing flatten equalize mow straighten equate press smoothen even off even out make equal make flat devastate wreck ruin drop fell bulldoze raze down waste ground bring down pull down tear down knock down knock over lay low come clean be above-board be frank be on the up and up be open be straight be straightforward be up-front come to terms keep nothing back talk straight tell the truth cast incline beam point focus slant turn train address zero in on
Level antonyms
changeable inconstant unstable unsteady untrustworthy uneven agitated unfair inconsistent unlike changing variable divergent dissimilar wobbly indefinite vertical abnormal extraordinary unusual infrequent ragged disorderly rough irregular wavering different unequal broken unfixed upright uncommon imbalanced rare rough up construct deceive roughen jag build lie turn point away create raise ignore take neglect 
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The word is used as adjective noun, verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun, verb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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