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License meaning in hindi

How to pronounce License 
Usage of License: 1: the expiry of his drivers license 2: the procedure of obtaining a drivers license 3: Having power does not license its misuse. 4: I need to apply for new license plates . 5: Although it is a drama and thus takes artistic license 6: Until recently, Microsoft had not required that every VLK license be activated. 7: Citizens must also register the gun and obtain a license for it. 8: Its license plates carry the state motto: "Live Free or Die". 9: No license is required for fishing in Brazil. 10: Lower license classes usually have lower power limits
License ki paribhasha : buri se achchhi dasha men laane ka gun

License synonyms
charter right exemption certificate grant consent immunity permit privilege ticket warrant authorization okay self-determination freedom liberty leave go-ahead dispensation latitude independence carte blanche green light entitlement unconstraint sensuality excess unruliness arrogance anarchy impropriety slackness temerity prodigality presumptuousness debauchery laxity lawlessness boldness complacency sauciness forwardness relaxation refractoriness effrontery profligacy unrestraint self-indulgence animalism audacity wantonness disorder immoderation irresponsibility gluttony looseness wildness relaxedness enable empower certify allow accredit commission let sanction suffer
License antonyms
denial refusal veto incarceration limitation subordination restriction ban prohibition responsibility imprisonment restraint withholding reason humility meekness cowardice modesty order care caution disallow refuse reject deny disapprove prevent 
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The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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