Liquidation meaning in hindi | Liquidation ka matlab 

Liquidation meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Liquidation 
Usage of Liquidation: 1: Courses compensation fixed price, depending on the course for the periodic liquidation of futures contracts on securities listed on the exchange 2: Dissolution, liquidation of a trading company 3: It also said the portion relating to each creditor on the amount remaining share after the liquidation of a bankrupt house 4: It has established a joint commission for liquidation of respective claims for determining the boundaries 5: It means, in terms of law, especially in the style of Notaries, Attribution, each of the parties which are in joint ownership of certain goods or certain values to fill them of their rights in the sharing or in the liquidation 6: It refers specifically, in terms of case law, the allowance or reinvestment due when we make liquidation of domestic communities or estates 7: The liquidation of damages 8: Celui who is responsible for working to chair a liquidation accounts receivables or
Liquidation ki paribhasha : dhaatuon ka aushadh roop men vyavahaar karane ke liye snskaar jo kuchh baaki ho, vah poora poora pa jaana kisi kaary ya vastu ka poornata: samaapt hona vah avastha jisamen manushy ke paas apana RRin chukaane ke liye kuchh na rah jaay

Liquidation synonyms
eradication removal expulsion withdrawal clearance destruction cut rejection exclusion displacement extermination purge omission discard riddance dropping taking away weeding out extinction slaughter ruination undoing downfall end wrecking havoc subversion overthrow extirpation murder massacre invalidation bane obliteration carnage loss abolition wreckage crashing extinguishment crushing extinguishing sacking slaying shattering dissolving ravaging subjugation abolishing assassinating disintegrating disrupting invalidating subverting
Liquidation antonyms
inclusion acceptance allowance addition building accomplishment success creation construction 
Usage of Liquidation in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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