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Lose meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lose 
Usage of Lose: 1: Unman the boy so that he doesnot lose his innocense! 2: In the rainy season, car tyres lose their adhesion. 3: I hate to lose at checkers . 4: Go lose it in the bushes . 5: Don't lose any sleep over the matter . 6: I tied on his gloves so he would not lose them . 7: I've got to lose some weight . 8: Not playing those tournaments caused Henin to lose the World No. 9: Although it did not lose any battles 10: Dahomey started to lose its status as the regional power
Lose ki paribhasha : kisi vastu ka kahin bhool se chhoot jaana paas ki vastu ko nikal jaane dena ladai, baaji aadi ko saphalata ke saath na poora karana

Lose synonyms
suffer squander drop fail waste surrender forget bereave consume forfeit misplace lavish deplete miss capitulate dissipate rob exhaust sacrifice displace disinherit relinquish oust expend drain default yield dispossess misspend divest give up be careless be impoverished be reduced become poorer fail to keep fall short pass up suffer loss use up decline succumb be humbled be outdistanced be sunk be taken to cleaners be the loser be worsted come up short drop a bundle kiss goodbye lose out suffer defeat take a beating take the count take the heat dodge stray clear duck evade outrun elude shake rid unburden shake off throw off give the slip leave behind slip away wander from
Lose antonyms
hoard accumulate refuse achieve confront fight save win collect gather starve fill give hold keep take maintain succeed face meet hold on to ascend rise go up encounter take on 
Usage of Lose in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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