Low key meaning in hindi | Low key ka matlab 

Low key meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Low key 
Low key ki paribhasha : adhik nahin aadi arthon ka soochak avyay

Low key synonyms
easygoing relaxed quiet laid-back subtle restrained loose muffled low-pitched muted understated played down soft-sell softened toned down reluctance reticence secrecy latency inconspicuousness low posture low visibility semivisibility serene slow smooth soothing mild harmonious placid tranquil cool pastoral bucolic hushed pacific halcyon still bland breathless motionless quiescent restful rural undisturbed unruffled breezeless reposing at a standstill at peace in order reposeful stormless waveless windless sharp sour salty harsh keen cutting caustic biting tart acerbic arcane cynical deadpan droll humorous sardonic satirical sly ironical rustic unpretentious down-to-earth homey cozy homely modest natural plain unassuming dormant unused immobile jobless unemployed inoperative passive idle static sedentary sluggish dull asleep blah disengaged do-nothing indolent latent lethargic limp ossified out of commission out of work slack sleepy slothful somnolent stable torpid unoccupied abeyant draggy in holding pattern mothballed on hold out of action out of service camouflaged concealed dim faint hidden indistinct insignificant ordinary retiring secretive shy tenuous unostentatious low-profile soft-pedalled unemphatic tame cautious limited steady conservative pleasant gentle bearable reasonable balanced tolerant neutral tolerable middle-of-the-road even controlled deliberate considered nonpartisan straight midway reserved measured careful considerate dispassionate equable impartial inexpensive judicious monotonous peaceable untroubled inconsiderable compromising disciplined abstinent not excessive no-nonsense solemn staid rational levelheaded lucid dark earnest somber practical realistic sedate serious sound composed inhibited collected constrained grave cold drab hard-boiled imperturbable severe abstaining forgoing abnegating eschewing clear-headed unexcited unimpassioned pastel sweet comfortable delicate mellow diffuse ashen balmy cushy dulcet dusky hazy lenient light mellifluous melodious misty pale pallid pleasing tinted twilight wan whispered shaded caressing dimmed murmured dejected domesticated crestfallen down in the mouth downcast repentant sad submissive tasteful inobtrusive chastened tempered moderated repressed out of spirits self-effacing humble meek soft-pedaled obscure having
Low key antonyms
agitated noisy high-strung nervous energized pumped up high-key excited fierce frenzied stormy angry excitable worried rough uncool harsh violent turbulent wild furious mad passionate roused ruffled kind damp humid moist soaked soggy watery wet exciting interesting lively untiring dull mild nice bland calm sweet dripping juicy mobile employed energetic working active moving busy involved noticeable conspicuous exposed open unhidden unmanageable incautious unlimited unacceptable intolerable unbearable biased unfair extroverted friendly excessive immoderate extravagant bright loud strong imbalanced prejudiced different partial outgoing extreme outrageous uncontrolled unreasonable unrestrained considerable liberal significant impractical frivolous irrational unrealistic upset cheerful flippant insincere trivial unimportant boisterous annoyed drunk inebriated funny light troubled happy unserious healthy unfriendly rigid unyielding callous stern uncompassionate intelligent bitter sour coarse poor sharp hard severe strict firm well smart communicative talkative aroused confident flaunting obtrusive bold 
Usage of Low key in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as or noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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