Lyric meaning in hindi | Lyric ka matlab 

Lyric meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Lyric 
Other : गीति
Usage of Lyric: 1: It was in "Redemption Song" that Marley sang the famous lyric 2: Milan became a centre of lyric opera. 3: Some of the names may have been poets and lyric writers 4: The lyric was considered too explicit for radio at the time 5: He tried to sell the lyric to someone who assumed he had music to go with it. 6: Greek lyric poetry influenced the genre's development from India to Europe. 7: Though lyric poetry has long celebrated love 8: Notable among these are the 15th century French lyric poets 9: The sorts of lyric poetry found later in the Churchyard Poets would 10: It says poetically and figuratively a poet, primarily a lyric or epic poet
Lyric ki paribhasha : aisa kaavy jo giti pradhaan athava gey ho aur aatmaparak ho vah vaaky rachana jisase chitt kisi ras ya manoveg se poorn ho aadhunik kaavyon men likhe gae ve git jo kaavy hone ke saath hi atyaadhik gey hote hain ek prakaar ka sugndhit gond jo svaad men kadua hota hai vah vaakya, pad ya chhnd yo gaaya jaata ho

Lyric synonyms
mellifluous melodic melodious poetic tuneful choral coloratura songful songlike 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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