Magician meaning in hindi | Magician ka matlab 

Magician meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Magician 
Usage of Magician: 1: John is superstitious, he believes everything that a magician tells him. 2: This magician startle everybody with his tricks. 3: The magician chanted abracadabra before unveiling the box. 4: That magician performs very great miracles. 5: The magician levitated the woman 6: The magician conjured seven white doves up . 7: A magician who conjured the shadows 8: Forced Card, a magician caught in someone who believes the select 9: magic book with which the magician claimed to evoke the devils work miracles, etc 10: magician Bonnet
Magician ki paribhasha : tarah tarah ke adabhut aur aashcharyajanak kraty karanevaala manushy ek prakaar ke musalamaan phakir jo bndara, bhaalou aadi nachaate aur laag ke tamaashe dikhaate hain

Magician synonyms
genius wizard witch virtuoso charmer seer enchanter enchantress siren conjurer soothsayer sorcerer warlock medium shaman diviner trickster prophet voodoo genie marvel fortune-teller witch doctor satanist necromancer exorciser thaumaturge illusionist spellbinder diabolist exorcist feats or tricks archimage medicine person miracle worker theurgist
Magician antonyms
amateur rookie 
Usage of Magician in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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