Make tracks meaning in hindi | Make tracks ka matlab 

Make tracks meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Make tracks 
Make tracks ki paribhasha : shatarnj ya chausar aadi khelon men kisi mohare ya goti aadi ko apane sthaan se badhaana ya hataanaa, athava taash ya gnjiphe aadi khelon men kisi patte ko khel ke kaamon ke liye sab khelanevaalon ke saamane phenkana

Make tracks synonyms
advance step up further spur stimulate expedite quicken tool drive gun impel forward dust precipitate railroad roll open up rev fire up hammer on lay a patch lay rubber nail it peel rubber put on afterburners put pedal to metal rev up speed up step on gas dash rush bound dump skip scamper take off dart jump leap escape sprint drop out fly hightail flight abscond spring hotfoot start startle split hurtle ditch bail out cop out cut loose cut out leave in the lurch make off opt out walk out on kiss goodbye leave flat leave high and dry leave holding the bag make a break for it run like scared rabbit run out on step on it take flight vamoose depart evacuate disappear beat it break camp clear out hit the road head for the hills make oneself scarce run away slip away vanish desert retreat blow elude avoid evade beat a hasty retreat cut and run fly the coop get away get the hell out make a getaway make quick exit step on the gas take a hike make one's escape break out alight begone bug off dodge duck egress shirk shun vacate withdraw be off buzz off extricate oneself free oneself kite urge clip gallop dispatch trot goad bustle hustle plunge express hie tear scurry pace race push spurt scuttle cover ground get the lead out get cracking make haste move quickly not lose a minute shake a leg take wing waste no time whip around whirl whisk zip jog rocket burst rip whiz nip sally bullet flit breeze beeline smoke fleet barrel dig in bestir whish be quick get a move on go like lightning hurry up lose no time make short work of make time turn on steam shoot travel skitter course lope canter career scud amble scramble scorch light out shag dog it leg it tear out move fast get lost go away scat hightail it
Make tracks antonyms
hinder slow block cease delay dissuade repress wait decelerate impede postpone retard halt stop check discourage defer slow down remain loosen unlock dawdle face meet stay open unbolt unfasten come in arrive enter continue take on join stand capture grab seize aid walk lag loiter procrastinate tarry help pull linger rest go slow dally stall obey serve 
Usage of Make tracks in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi. 
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