Malicious meaning in hindi | Malicious ka matlab 

Malicious meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Malicious 
Usage of Malicious: 1: Even without malicious programming 2: Cryptanalysis might be undertaken by a malicious attacker 3: About malicious 4: By extension, it is said in the vernacular of a malicious and slanderous be 5: Having bad mind Having a difficult character, be brought to the systematic and malicious contradiction 6: Intention malicious 7: It is malicious to you 8: It still means figuratively about malicious to Hold towards someone 9: It takes usually in a way that nothing adverse and it then means who likes to do or say malicious things only to have fun, entertain 10: Make gloated, Making more or less malicious jokes about someone or something
Malicious ki paribhasha : jo sada kuchh na kuchh upadrav karata rahe

Malicious synonyms
vengeful petty spiteful vicious pernicious mischievous malignant virulent nasty wicked venomous malevolent awful baleful beastly bitter catty deleterious detrimental envious evil evil-minded green green-eyed gross injurious jealous low mean noxious ornery poisonous despiteful rancorous resentful bad-natured cussed ill-disposed uncool
Malicious antonyms
forgiving useful helpful loving pleasing friendly kind pleasant harmless moral assisting benevolent liking gentle good nice decent aiding likeable sympathetic thoughtful 
Usage of Malicious in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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