Mania meaning in hindi | Mania ka matlab 

Mania meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mania 
Usage of Mania: 1: She has a mania for cleanliness. 2: The mania for what is new or surprising, especially technologically. 3: Queen Maria is said to have suffered from religious mania and melancholia. 4: If the patient has already had an episode of mania or markedly elevated mood 5: Foulke's discoveries sparked a wave of dinosaur mania in the United States. 6: A dangerous maniac, one who suffers from dangerous mania 7: Having mania of imitation 8: He knows how to handle it well mania joke 9: His mania in him is to believe as 10: It achieved mania
Mania ki paribhasha : vah rog jisamen man aur buddhi ka kaaryakram bigad jaata hai koi kaam karane ki aisi dhun jisamen aaga pichha ya bhala bura na soojhe brahma ke chaar maanas putron men se ek vah bhishan maanasik rog jisase manushy ki buddhi aur ichchhaashakti aadi men anek prakaar ke vikaar hote hain vah avastha jo sharaaba, bhaaanga, aphim ya gaaanja aadi maadak dravy khaane ya pine se hoti hai

Mania synonyms
craziness fascination lunacy rage passion frenzy craze enthusiasm dementia obsession craving fad infatuation desire bee partiality aberration hang-up furor fancy insanity tiger thing fetish derangement delirium compulsion disorder bug preoccupation ax to grind idã©e fixe grabber monomania bee in bonnet bug in ear fixed idea on the brain tiger by the tail
Mania antonyms
calmness dislike hate indifference hatred soundness conformity balance 
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The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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