Meeting meaning in hindi | Meeting ka matlab 

Meeting meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Meeting 
Usage of Meeting: 1: an unscheduled meeting 2: The meeting has been postponed indefinitely. 3: Who chaired the meeting yesterday? 4: The meeting was indecisive. 5: The meeting ended inconclusively. 6: She sighed for meeting him. 7: 20th January was appointed for the meeting . 8: The meeting was prearranged. 9: There is a meeting for social intercourse. 10: The meeting was vociferous.
Meeting ki paribhasha : mel ya sadabhaav hona vah sthaan jahaaan bahut se log milakar baithe hon stri aur purush ka snyog paraamarsh aadi ke liye ek sthaan par bahut se logon ka jamaavad manushyon ka kisi nimitt ekatr hua samaaj

Meeting synonyms
showdown contest convention competition session talk reunion date encounter confrontation affair gang rally bunch confab parley introduction engagement concourse call conflict assembly conclave congress company convocation powwow tryst congregation turnout huddle assignation audience rendezvous meet assemblage cattle call get-together concursion one on one contact agreement juxtaposition junction confluence connection unification crossing conjunction abutment apposition joining
Meeting antonyms
calm separation agreement peace division disconnection 
Usage of Meeting in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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