Melancholy meaning in hindi | Melancholy ka matlab 

Melancholy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Melancholy 
Usage of Melancholy: 1: A vein of melancholy was noted in her song 2: The solitary reaper was singing the melancholy tune in isolation. 3: I had but a melancholy Prospect of ever playing a Lover with Mrs. 4: Winter, in particular, is melancholy and meditative. 5: Despite his father's occasional religious melancholy 6: Most of his pieces follow a melancholy 7: Kashmiri saffron was used in the treatment of melancholy and as a fabric dye. 8: A look, a melancholy countenance 9: A melancholy music 10: A sweet melancholy
Melancholy ki paribhasha : ek prakaar ka snchaari bhaav jisaka chitt kisi padaarth se hat gaya ho

Melancholy synonyms
pensive somber gloomy wistful trite mournful sorrowful grim blue downbeat downcast low moody dejected despondent destroyed disconsolate dismal dispirited doleful dolorous down in the mouth downhearted droopy funereal glum heavyhearted joyless lachrymose low-spirited lugubrious miserable sorry unhappy wet blanket woebegone woeful moony down and out down in the dumps dragged in blue funk mirthless saddened saddening torn up desperation despondency grief despair boredom ennui tedium mournfulness dejection downer letdown bummer misery wretchedness blues unhappiness blue devils wistfulness mopes blahs pensiveness miserableness gloominess dismals dolefuls down trip low spirits
Melancholy antonyms
cheerful joyful happy bright sunny gay decent heartened above happiness excitement advantage boon gladness confidence benefit blessing joyousness 
Usage of Melancholy in sentences

The word is used as adjective noun in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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