Mercy meaning in hindi | Mercy ka matlab 

Mercy meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mercy 
Usage of Mercy: 1: simperingly, the accused begged for mercy 2: it was a mercy we got out alive 3: There is a debate on mercy killing in the medical cirles. 4: There is a debate on mercy killing in the medical cirles. 5: Savitri got mercy by the God of death 6: "Look, bitch, I have no mercy for you. 7: What mercy did you show my daughter when she said 8: However, Octavian showed no mercy for the mass of allies loyal to Lucius 9: Crito reminds Socrates that orphans are at the mercy of chance 10: The remaining three million were left at the mercy of the Nazis.
Mercy ki paribhasha : vetravati ya betava nadi ka ek naam 0209 raaja ki krapa se praapt sahaayata bina kisi pratikaar ki aasha ke dusare ki bhalaayi karane ki ichchha ya vratti vah manovikaar ya duःkh jo doosaron ke duःkh ke gyaan se utpann hota hai aur jo doosaron ke duःkh ko door karane ki preran karata hai man ka vah duःkhapoorn veg jo doosare ke kasht ko door karane ki prerana karata hai

Mercy synonyms
pity benevolence generosity forgiveness blessing leniency sympathy clemency goodwill tolerance grace charity kindliness ruth gentleness lenity commiseration favor mildness godsend forbearance tenderness lenience relief boon quarter benignancy humanity luck softheartedness lifesaver
Mercy antonyms
disdain ill will selfishness disapproval disfavor cruelty intolerance malevolence mercilessness meanness unkindness bad fortune uncompassion 
Usage of Mercy in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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