Mighty meaning in hindi | Mighty ka matlab 

Mighty meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mighty 
As adverb : अंदधुंध अगाधा अजानेय अधर्षणी अनगन० अबेश अभ्व अमाम अमावड़ अमोगाँ अल्पेतर आकर्षक आकर्षिक उग्रक उड्डामर उदुंबल उद्वल उर्वरित ओजसीन ओजस्वान् ओजस्वान् कवो घने घनेरे चंड़ जब्बर जब्बार जब्बार जाजा जोरदार ताकतवर दुर्दमनीथ दुर्देंड दूध्र धकाधक न्यायस् परिमुग्ध पर्बल प्रबल प्रभूष्णु प्राणसार प्राप्तरूप प्रोन्नत बरबंड ‡ बरिया बर्हण बलभृत् बलशील बलस्थ बलिया बहीय बहुत बहुत्त बहुमुख बहोत बोहला बोहोत बौत भूयः भूरिशः मनकर्पत मेदस्वी वयोधा वाजयु विग्र विभववान् विशंकट विस्तरता व्यायत शक्तिधर शक्तिधर शक्तिशाली शक्तिसंपन्न शक्वा शाचि शुष्मी सक्कस समुच्छित समेधित सवीर्य सशक्तिक सहस्वान् सहिष्ठ सामर्थ्यवान सारग सोढ़ा सोद्योग स्फिर हरचंद हलब्बी ‡
Usage of Mighty: 1: the baby is mighty cute 2: He was a mighty king.
He had a mighty personality which terrified all.
3: She is mighty pleased with his achievements. 4: With a mighty hammer blow, she drove in the nail . 5: Then David establishes a mighty empire 6: Lissitzky depicts the mighty "hand of God" slaying the angel of death 7: Darada and many regions situated in the desert and crossing mighty peaks 8: A mighty will, a great glory Are your inheritance for all time! 9: Charles Gildon summarizes: "This play was received with mighty applause". 10: High and mighty lady
Mighty ki paribhasha : jo parimaan men alp ya nyoon na ho

Mighty synonyms
robust potent boss doughty hardy indomitable lusty muscular omnipotent stalwart steamroller stout strapping strong sturdy vigorous puissant powerhouse strengthy strong as ox wieldy huge enormous imposing magnificent large massive towering august bulky colossal considerable dynamic eminent extensive extraordinary grand great heroic high illustrious immense impressive intense irresistible majestic moving notable prodigious renowned stupendous titanic tremendous vast
Mighty antonyms
powerless insignificant tiny unimportant weak delicate small miniature little minute poor 
Usage of Mighty in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as verb, adverb or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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