Mild meaning in hindi | Mild ka matlab 

Mild meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mild 
Usage of Mild: 1: a mild winter storm 2: he was given a mild punishment. 3: He has a very mild nature. 4: He has a very mild nature. 5: The taste of the food is qute mild in this restaurant. 6: She received a mild reproof from the teacher. 7: She dosed the horse with a mild tranquilizer . 8: Mediterranean climate with mild 9: Winters are especially mild 10: With a pleasant location and a mild climate on the Elbe
Mild ki paribhasha : jisamen kisi prakaar ki kathorata ya khinchaav aadi na ho sngit men svar ka ek bhed jo sunane men karkash ya apriy na ho gulaab ki pnkhadiyon se bani hui minthaayi najaakat se yukt prem prasng ka haasa- parihaas jisaki banaavat aadi bahut snkshipt ho yajn ke yoop ka niche se pndrah aratni ka sthaan

Mild synonyms
tepid delicate peaceful sunny balmy breezy benign warm weak calm smooth bland mellow moderate soft cool blah choice clear clement dainty emollient exquisite faint fine flat genial lenient light lukewarm medium nothing pabulum pacific placid soothing untroubled vanilla benignant demulcent ho-hum lenitive mollifying nothing much tempered wimpy subdued tame tranquil amiable compassionate complaisant deferential docile dull equable feeble forbearing forgiving good-humored good-natured humane indulgent insipid jejune kind meek merciful obeisant obliging patient peaceable serene spiritless submissive subservient tender unassuming vapid good-tempered forbearant mild-mannered
Mild antonyms
healthy excited noisy unfriendly stormy upset unkind agitated fierce nervous cold hot coarse harsh rough strong turbulent violent severe firm loud wild uncool hard flappable immoderate excessive uncontrolled roused sharp 
Usage of Mild in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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