Ministration meaning in hindi | Ministration ka matlab 

Ministration meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Ministration 
Ministration ki paribhasha : rogi ki seva shushroosha doosare ko aaraam pahuanchaane ki kriya

Ministration synonyms
gift assistance benefit subsidy compensation relief cooperation treatment alleviation backing encouragement sustenance furtherance advocacy benefaction endowment giving guidance comfort advancement favor bounty rescue advice hand lift charity patronage ministry salvation handout reinforcement deliverance benevolence promotion reward backup allowance leg up shot in the arm recognition regard spotlight awareness concern notice observation consciousness brace tlc big rush looking after tender loving care control management trust protection supervision direction safekeeping administration charge aegis auspices tutelage guardianship wardship amenity advantage facility enjoyment ease appliance accessibility satisfaction luxury accommodation help receptiveness openness utility use suitableness support avail agreeableness life means accessory suitability decency contribution succor fitness appropriateness handiness opportuneness serviceability comforts time saver teaching sermonizing spreading the word duty business supply work account maintenance employment overhaul dispensation value labor courtesy applicability relevance indulgence kindness check usefulness servicing good deed instrumentality intervention coattails mitzvah troubleshooting custody
Ministration antonyms
loss penalty damage hurt injury hindrance stoppage harm disfavor silence ill will blockage impediment obstruction handicap opposition taking malevolence unkindness ignorance heedlessness disregard negligence neglect carelessness inattention thoughtlessness omission oversight disadvantage restriction dissatisfaction delay inappropriateness inconvenience unsuitability difficulty unhappiness need want inexpedience inutility uselessness waste disservice unemployment 
Usage of Ministration in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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