Mirth meaning in hindi | Mirth ka matlab 

Mirth meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mirth 
Usage of Mirth: 1: Their mirth was contagious. 2: gloom had usurped mirth at the party after the news of the terrorist act broke 3: a contagion of mirth 4: gay Room, gay apartment, room, apartment, for its disposal, and plenty of day it receives, inspires mirth 5: It also said What inspires mirth
Mirth ki paribhasha : praphullata ya bhay aadi ke kaaran rongaton ka khad hona brahaspati ke pahale yug ke chauthe varsh ka naam kaamashaastr ke anusaar ek prakaar ka aalingan

Mirth synonyms
laughter levity hilarity rejoicing gladness gaiety joviality revelry sport cheerfulness amusement hysteria jocundity entertainment glee happiness frolic festivity merrymaking lightheartedness jocularity merriment jollity frivolity fun pleasure hysterics joyousness laughs whoopee convulsions kicks
Mirth antonyms
sorrow woe sadness melancholy blues unhappiness work seriousness gloom depression misery pain distress 
Usage of Mirth in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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