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Miserable meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Miserable 
As adjective : अकर्मा अत्यंत दुखी अधम अनहोता अनाढ्य अपगीत अवगनना अवरव्रत अविकासी असंपत्ति असहाई असहाई असहाय आरामतलब आर्त, आर्त्त उफतदा कठा कम कुरिंद खाँगो खायक गंजित गर्हितव्य गहंणीय गैताल घटबढ़ चवाली छुच्छ छेहडा छोहनार जबून जेरदस्त ठल्लपु० तकलीफ़देह तपायमान दरमंद दरमाँदा दरिद्र दलिहर दालदी दालिद्री दुखित दुखी दुर्दशाग्रस्त दयनीय धनहीन नाचार नाचीज नालयक निंदनीय निकम्मा निपग निरसहाय निरूद्यमी निरूद्योग निरूद्योगी निष्कंचन नीचतापूर्ण नीधन, नीधना पलंगतोड़ पांडुपृष्ठ प्रपन्न प्रवाच्य बेनवा बेनसी बेसरोसामान मंदविभव मसकीन मुफलिस म्लायी रकीक रददी रोजीबिगाड़ लफ्तरा विकलकरुण विपत्र शिक्कु संकटी साठनाठ सादद्य सामि सोदधित्व स्वल्पेच्छ हृस्व हेचकस हेचपोच हेचमर्द
Usage of Miserable: 1: He was miserable on getting the sad news. 2: The condition of serfs was miserable in Medival Europe. 3: The mobster had made life miserable for the locality. 4: Many people lead a miserable life due to poverty. 5: If I couldn't toss off insults, I'd be miserable . 6: The camps are also crowded, unsanitary, and miserable places to live. 7: But after two utterly miserable years at the military academy 8: We worked at a pathetic village - miserable huts and dirty. 9: The band described the tour as a miserable experience 10: Troilus keeps his love secret and is made miserable by it.
Miserable ki paribhasha : jo kisi kaam ka na ho kartavyaakartavy ke vichaar se rahit kaami jisake paas nirvaah ke liye yathesht dhan ho jisake chitt men khed utpann hua ho

Miserable synonyms
wretched gloomy tragic pathetic sad afflicted ailing brokenhearted crestfallen dejected desolate despairing despondent destroyed disconsolate discontented distressed doleful dolorous down down in the mouth downcast forlorn heartbroken hopeless hurt ill injured melancholy mournful pained rueful sick sickly sorrowful strained suffering troubled woebegone wounded pitiable ruthful agonized anguished hurting in pain on a downer racked tormented tortured poor meager bad shameful sorry abject contemptible deplorable despicable detestable disgraceful godforsaken impoverished indigent inferior lamentable low mean needy paltry penniless piteous poverty-stricken scanty sordid squalid vile worthless scurvy
Miserable antonyms
cheerful joyful elated merry wealthy good happy generous rich adequate sufficient fortunate lucky glad reputable advantageous great nice 
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The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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