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Mobile meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Mobile 
Usage of Mobile: 1: He is an upwardly mobile young executive. 2: They lived in a mobile home. 3: android is the most popular mobile os in the world . 4: nowadays almost every laptop and mobile has bluetooth feature. 5: Flying squad is a mobile group of policemen who can reach the scene of crime very fast. 6: I talk to my friends by my mobile phone. 7: The proviso has been made to use mobile during driving a veicle. 8: The mobile phones working on the android technique are more in use these days. 9: In 2004, there were 57,000 mobile phones. 10: In 2004, there were 57,000 mobile phones.
Mobile ki paribhasha : stri kaagaja, kapade aadi ke phatane ka shabd daakshinaaty lingaayat shaiv snpradaay ke guru ek prakaar ka chooha nraty men ek prakaar ki cheshta jisamen haath ke ishaare se kisi ko bulaaya jaata hai

Mobile synonyms
roving portable liquid itinerant fluid free migrant peripatetic ambulatory wandering locomotive adaptable changeable loose migratory motorized moving mutable nomadic roaming unsettled unstable unsteady versatile motile unstationary unsteadfast
Mobile antonyms
settled immobile stable stationary unmovable solid fixed 
Usage of Mobile in sentences

The word is used as adjective in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or adjective in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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