Modify meaning in hindi | Modify ka matlab 

Modify meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Modify 
Usage of Modify: 1: An adverb can modify a verb. 2: Other ways to modify Hb switching are being investigated 3: Antisense techniques can also modify splicing of pre-mRNA 4: Because these techniques do not permanently modify the DNA 5: Some modify the makeup of the 6: He detains the group and impounds the Epoch, which his henchmen modify to fly. 7: CONVENTION is said of some national assemblies formed to establish a constitution, or to change it, modify it etc 8: He also said, in terms of Meteorology, the disorders that modify the conditions of our atmosphere

Modify synonyms
repair tweak vary adjust adapt rework correct revise transmute mutate convert doctor reorganize reform transform turn transmogrify transfigure become redo remodel customize reshape recast refashion shift gears switch over turn one around turn over new leaf turn the corner turn the tables lower relax soften restrict curb tone down mitigate slacken remit restrain qualify limit abate decrease moderate modulate temper
Modify antonyms
remain disarrange disorder stagnate grow increase spoil stay unfit hurt leave alone worry incite intensify liberate release enlarge raise aggravate free let go 
Usage of Modify in sentences

The word is used as verb in english grammar. The word can be used as noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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