Muddle meaning in hindi | Muddle ka matlab 

Muddle meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Muddle 
Usage of Muddle: 1: See muddle 2: Smudge a story, The muddle 3: There are many of muddle in this case, it is very confusing, we understand nothing 4: There is some muddle in this household 5: Without monitoring, the case has become a muddle
Muddle ki paribhasha : do paraspar bhinn vastuon ki aisi milaavat jisamen ek se doosare ko alag karana kathin ho

Muddle synonyms
dilemma clutter perplexity jumble plight tangle complication awkwardness disarray chaos haze fog shambles daze hash emergency mess confusion difficulty snarl struggle muss trouble predicament botch quandary intricacy complexity encumbrance disarrangement involvement mix-up disorder disorganization ataxia foul-up mess and a half screw-up rat's nest disturb complicate discombobulate befuddle perturb derange fluster shuffle spoil tumble rattle confound stupefy mumble addle bewilder stumble muck ravel ruffle nonplus snafu murmur throw entangle blunder bungle scramble foul up mix up throw off louse up disorient make a mess of misarrange psych out stir up
Muddle antonyms
tidiness simplicity orderliness calm clarity clearness contentment advantage enlightenment solution neatness organization blessing good fortune peace ease arrangement harmony system understanding method comfort soothe explain organize untangle educate explicate help clarify clear up untwist do well succeed fix uncomplicate speak clearly 
Usage of Muddle in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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