Multiplicity meaning in hindi | Multiplicity ka matlab 

Multiplicity meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Multiplicity 
Usage of Multiplicity: 1: All these archeological remains have the multiplicity of aspects in common. 2: He held that the multiplicity of existing things 3: Comedy intrigue, one where the author is mainly concerned to interest and entertain the multiplicity and variety of incidents 4: intrigue comedy, especially one where the author takes care to interest and entertain a highly intrigued by action and by the multiplicity and variety of incidents 5: It is, by extension, Large number, quantity, multiplicity 6: The multiplicity of causes

Multiplicity synonyms
profusion jumble gathering scad cluster fullness total mint bunch cargo congeries lots sum trillion much hill hoard ream agglomeration mountain thousand million aggregation lump haul collection plenty harvest stack abundance oodles jillion batch bundle ocean stockpile mound whole assemblage quantity amassment load pot concentration ton store volume gobs bank bulk clump deposit a lot great deal mishmash fluctuation diversification incongruity discrepancy heterogeneousness variegation array modification heterogeneity potpourri mixture diversity variation divergency stew assortment change diverseness shift departure medley multifariousness range miscellany variance conglomeration cross section miscellaneousness mixed bag multiformity mã©lange variousness disparateness intermixture combo soup many-sidedness
Multiplicity antonyms
individual little ditch debt valley lack one need want part similarity agreement 
Usage of Multiplicity in sentences

The word is used as noun in english grammar. The word can be used as noun in hindi and have more than one meaning. 
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