Murder meaning in hindi | Murder ka matlab 

Murder meaning in hindi

How to pronounce Murder 
As verb : कत्ल
Usage of Murder: 1: guilty of murder 2: It is a murder shrouded in mystery. 3: The suspect was cleared of the murder charges 4: Blueskin attempted to murder Wild 5: The next scene f lashed back on Fred's murder . 6: Running a marathon is murder on your knees . 7: There have been a few reported cases of murder 8: His trial for the murder of Frank Steunenberg in 1907 drew national attention 9: The Patton murder prompted considerable debate 10: South Africa was ranked second for assault and murder per capita
Murder ki paribhasha : ek shabd jisaka prayog asvikrati ya nishedh soochit karane ke liye hota hai maar dalane ki kriya

Murder synonyms
homicide lynching massacre felony crime destruction bloodshed shooting manslaughter death hit butchery annihilation liquidation off carnage foul play rub out slaying assassination terrorism knifing offing dispatching one-way ticket taking out the business the works execute exterminate destroy assassinate behead strangle decapitate asphyxiate mar guillotine snuff ruin abolish eliminate waste knife electrocute finish liquidate hang smother spoil misuse chill cool drub defeat thrash extinguish mangle eradicate bump off do in knock off put away garotte blot out dust off take a life take for a ride take out
Murder antonyms
create aid heal construct grow institute ratify preserve heat warm guard protect bear give birth keep help build continue establish save start lose light encourage inspirit 
Usage of Murder in sentences

The word is used as noun verb in english grammar. The word can be used as, noun or verb in hindi and have more than one meaning. . 
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