god meaning in marathi

Word: god
Meaning of god in english - supernatural being worshipped by people

Meanings in marathi :

smaranie ( स्मरणीए )
स्मरण करण्यास योग्य
Synonyms of god
creator demon totem deity divinity almighty father providence master lord idol power spirit holiness soul maker Holy Spirit omnipotent prime mover tutelary Jehovah Allah numen Yahweh daemon demigod world spirit Absolute Being All Knowing All Powerful Divine Being infinite spirit Jah King of Kings
Identical words :
As noun :
goddess - svaamini ( स्वामिणी )
god in the form of people - janinjanaardan ( जनींजनार्दन )
god of cascading water - jalasampatidev ( जलसंपतिदेव )
gods cook - devasugarane ( देवसुगरणे )
gods property - devasv ( देवस्व )
gods love - daivadasa ( दैवदसा )
goddess in saurāṣṭra - mulamaahaadevi ( मुळमाहादेवी )
goddess in the vindhya mountains - vinjhaai ( विंझाइ )
gods divine play - harimaaya ( हरिमाया )
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