active meaning in marathi

Word: active
Meaning of active in english - having movement, very involved in activity

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
chalabale ( चळबळे )
chapal ( चपळ )
Synonyms of active
operating alive effective rapid progressive working mobile pushing movable rustling running going traveling flowing rolling simmering functioning rushing operative astir efficacious hasty moving restless speedy walking turning streaming shifting speeding at work bustling exertive impelling in force in play in process swarming forceful busy energetic diligent keen dynamic enthusiastic engaged eager determined lively resolute ready quick aggressive intense bold daring alert jumping whiz sharp agile animated assiduous brisk chipper dashing dexterous enterprising eventful forcible fresh frisky high-spirited industrious inventive nimble perky persevering purposeful sprightly spry zealous fireball enlivened hard-working hyper
Antonyms of active
inoperative unmovable abeyant dormant immobile inactive inert lazy sluggish disinterested idle indifferent quiescent fixed quiet unworking meek lethargic ignorant stupid apathetic dispirited irresolute cowardly uneducated weak lifeless slow unenthusiastic dull afraid
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