all meaning in marathi

Word: all
Meaning of all in english - whole quantity, each, every one of a class, exclusively, completely, without exception, whole, totality

Meanings in marathi :

hi ( ही )
Synonyms of all
entire full gross outright perfect utter greatest any sum bar none barring no one each and every every bit of every single alone only solely nothing but fully exactly quite purely entirely totally altogether wholly just utterly all in all everything everyone group accumulation aggregate aggregation collection ensemble entirety jackpot mass unit utmost works sum total across the board integer lock stock and barrel wall to wall whole ball of wax whole enchilada whole nine yards whole schmear whole shooting match
Antonyms of all
none zero incompletely partially partly zilch
Identical words :
As noun :
allure - muhiren ( मुहिरें )
As adjective :
all right - baraven ( बरवें )
all eight three-hour watches of the day - ashtaupaahaar ( अष्टौपाहार )
all day long - dinakaal ( दिनकाळ )
all together - saavat ( सावट )
all over the house - gharabhari ( घरभरी )
all moving and stationary things - charaachar ( चराचर )
all four - chaari ( चारि )
all four vedas - chyaarhi ( च्यार्‍ही )
all nine - navai ( नवै )
all five - paachi ( पाची )
all deities except the supreme god collectively - prakritivarg ( प्रकृतिवर्ग )
all over the body - bharapuri ( भरपुरी )
all beings or the five elements collectively - bhuutagraam ( भूतग्राम )
all over the land - raanomaal ( रानोमाळ )
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