anguished meaning in marathi

Word: anguished
Meaning of anguished in english - grief-stricken, miserable, mournful, tragic, uncomfortable, uneasy, woeful, pained, troubled, fret, excruciate

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
palapalit ( पळपळीत )
Synonyms of anguished
heartbroken distressed cheerless dejected depressed despairing down heartsick heavyhearted inconsolable melancholy morose overcome unhappy woebegone devastated hurting wretched gloomy pathetic sad afflicted ailing brokenhearted crestfallen desolate despondent destroyed disconsolate discontented doleful dolorous down in the mouth downcast forlorn hopeless ill injured rueful sickly sorrowful strained suffering wounded pitiable ruthful agonized in pain on a downer racked tormented tortured bereft distressing grievous lamentable pitiful dolent full of sorrow grieving in mourning in sorrow sombre fateful dreadful deadly calamitous unfortunate fatal harrowing painful cataclysmic disastrous dire awful destructive grim terrible appalling heartbreaking shocking deplorable adverse deathly hapless ill-fated ruinous crushing heart-rending ill-starred harsh awkward tired nervous angry confused weary embarrassed fatigued self-conscious annoyed restless disturbed exhausted ill at ease sore stiff worn aching comfortless smarting chafed discomfited discomposed disquieted galled vexed wracked impatient suspicious fearful insecure shaky apprehensive precarious edgy anxious afraid tense agitated unsettled jittery unstable irritable alarmed bothered fidgety fretful irascible jumpy on edge peevish perplexed perturbed restive shaken upset worried wrung constrained unquiet all nerves dismayed harassed in turmoil on the qui vive palpitant paltry feeble disappointing lousy sorry bad cruel disgraceful heartrending inadequate mean piteous plaintive poor rotten catastrophic distraught puzzled concerned frightened scared irritated displeased discombobulated provoked disconcerted terrified beset harried miffed overwrought put out plagued exacerbated pestered mortified aggravated riled ruffled chagrined flustered inconvenienced harrowed irked in a tizzy worried stiff brood fuss fume carp grieve pother affront stew mope anguish bleed take on carry a heavy load distress oneself get into a dither lose sleep over sweat it out upset oneself eat one's heart out moan sob regret wail cry bemoan yearn ache weep deplore complain bewail repine keen sigh blubber miss languish carry on be brokenhearted be sad long for take it hard wear black wring hands harm sting worry exasperate convulse bite nick tingle prick sadden throb punish gripe inflame discomfort aggrieve chasten cut to the quick hit where one lives smite curse
Antonyms of anguished
cheerful joyful elated merry wealthy good happy generous rich fortunate lucky unimportant healthful healthy pleasant pleasing wonderful harmless wholesome comforting joyous excellent worthwhile trivial calming delightful encouraging advantageous successful great life-giving blessed nice hopeful lively content easy activated energized fresh refreshed comfortable painless laid-back undoubted brave courageous unafraid confident stable composed peaceful settled easy-going bold unfearful unworried certain sure sound firm steady at ease quiet definite strong cool indubious satisfactory glad collected untroubled unconcerned pleased sane comforted balanced ignore soothe appease pacify placate be happy make happy not worry praise dislike hate assist be content approve relieve help be joyful mend alleviate assuage fix encourage cure
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