arrogant meaning in marathi

Word: arrogant
Meaning of arrogant in english - having exaggerated self-opinion

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
saatop ( साटोप )
Synonyms of arrogant
haughty presumptuous imperious pretentious aloof cocky cavalier smug vain pompous bossy assuming audacious autocratic cheeky conceited contemptuous cool disdainful domineering egotistic high and mighty high-handed insolent know-it-all lordly overbearing peremptory proud scornful self-important snippy snooty snotty supercilious superior uppity wise guy smarty biggety bragging cold-shoulder on an ego trip puffed up sniffy stuck up
Antonyms of arrogant
timid unsure meek servile humble shy modest
Identical words :
arrogant woman - dhite ( धिटे )
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