bits and pieces meaning in marathi

Word: bits and pieces
Meaning of bits and pieces in english - fitful, garbage, odds and ends, scrap, spasmodic, sporadic, oddment, sundries, aimless

Meanings in marathi :

chaaraachura ( चाराचुरा )
Synonyms of bits and pieces
periodic spotty desultory intermittent broken capricious catchy changeable disturbed erratic flickering haphazard hit-or-miss impulsive inconstant interrupted random recurrent restive restless unstable variable fluctuating herky-jerky on-again-off-again shifting spastic junk trash filth swill rubble muck dross debris offal rubbish dregs slop waste detritus sewage dreck scrapings sweepings assortment hodgepodge jumble litter mélange medley melee miscellany mishmash mixed bag motley olio patchwork potpourri rags refuse remainder remains rummage etcetera leavings scraps bits knickknacks leftovers miscellaneous paraphernalia notions novelties oddments particles remnants sundry items this and that speck fragment chunk morsel lump snippet shred grain sliver stump chip butt slice bite gob modicum mouthful iota jot trace glob snatch cutting atom mite crumb portion discard piece castoff orts smithereen choppy irregular shaky uncertain convulsive fits and starts spurtive infrequent rare scattered isolated occasional few scarce seldom uncommon semioccasional unfrequent indiscriminate pointless frivolous accidental any which way blind careless casual chance fanciful fickle flighty fortuitous heedless indecisive irresolute purposeless shiftless stray thoughtless unavailing unplanned unpredictable vagrant wandering wanton wayward bits-and-pieces directionless drifting goalless objectless undirected
Antonyms of bits and pieces
continual continuous unvarying constant regular even undisturbed cleanliness possessions sense purity whole lot load agreement harmony peace uninterrupted resting frequent usual methodical systematic dependable common core base singularity property specific sensible determined directed purposeful resolute definite particular goal-oriented motivated
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