block meaning in marathi

Word: block
Meaning of block in english - mass of material, obstruction

Meanings in marathi :

As adjective :
taar ( तार )
sari ( सरी )
maal ( माळ )
पौळीचा, किंवा तटाच्या भिंतीचा, माथा
nadi ( नदी )
Synonyms of block
square bar section brick piece slab chunk loaf cube ingot solid lump slice cake segment oblong wall roadblock barrier clog blockage stoppage snag jam impediment hindrance obstacle blank wall cut off prevent thwart halt intercept blockade deter hold up stall impede arrest close hinder plug stopper congest stymie dam choke stonewall tackle charge barricade catch brake check occlude fill block out close out shut out close off hang up interfere with shut off stop up
Antonyms of block
whole opening continuation advantage aid assistance clearance beginning go start help promotion support permit further facilitate release liberate unblock let up allow encourage give let go unstop forward continue push advance promote
Identical words :
As noun :
blockade - khilani ( खिळणी )
blockage of a sense organ - anughaad ( अनुघाड )
block of mud - hent ( हेंट )
blockade in a doorway - daarakondi ( दारकोंडी )
block of jaggery - bhela ( भेला )
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