bow meaning in marathi

Word: bow
Meaning of bow in english - bend from waist, front of boat, bend over, submit, concede

Meanings in marathi :

medha ( मेढा )
Synonyms of bow
nod bending obeisance salaam kowtow angle arch curve curvature turn genuflection bob curtsy round inclination flexure turning curvation nose head prow fore stem beak forepart bowsprit hunch debase incline dip cower stoop crook duck droop do obeisance defer acquiesce comply yield relent accept surrender succumb capitulate give in cave knuckle under
Antonyms of bow
line straighten overpower defend fight deny refuse reject disallow disagree decline oppose conquer
Identical words :
As noun :
bower - taati ( ताटी )
bowl - vaaten ( वाटें )
bow and an arrow - kaandabiti ( कांडबीटी )
bow string - gosa ( गोसा )
bowl made from a dried gourd - dudhikaraten ( दुधीकरटें )
bower of grape vines - draakshimandap ( द्राक्षिमंडप )
bow-legged woman used as a term of abuse - phendi ( फेंदी )
bow-legged person - phegada ( फेगडा )
bowl of food offerings - bonevaati ( बोनेवाटी )
bow shape - vankatapan ( वंकटपण )
bow-shaped - saarangavekh ( सारंगवेख )
bowstring - sit ( सीत )
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