brickbat meaning in marathi

Word: brickbat
Meaning of brickbat in english - affront, derision, disapproval, flak, provocation, slur, taunt, criticism

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
etaal ( एटाळ )
विटेचा तुकडा
Synonyms of brickbat
indignity slight slap wrong abuse outrage offense injury vexation put-down left-handed compliment backhanded compliment dirty deed slap in the face mockery ridicule scorn laughter contempt disdain laughingstock dump scoffing joke satire contumely butt slam jest crack comeback raillery disparagement jab Bronx cheer sneering object of ridicule parting shot pilgarlic discontent objection censure dissatisfaction denunciation displeasure dislike blackball deprecation catcall vitriol castigation stricture hiss nix blame reproof zing disapprobation ostracism boo disfavor boycott opprobrium reproach thumbs down black list call down slap on wrist opposition knock swipe hostility condemnation rap pan fault-finding bad press harassment insult grievance motivation justification annoyance challenge incentive instigation reason dare cause inducement grounds defy provoking bothering grabber casus belli irking vexing innuendo accusation smear animadversion disgrace aspersion stigma obloquy blot discredit blur stain exposé insinuation hit brand onus calumny odium blemish reflection bar sinister black eye expose zinger dirty dig gibe jeer barb cut sarcasm snappy comeback static cavil faultfinding carping blast quibble roast put down zapper brickbats caviling critical remarks nit-picking panning
Antonyms of brickbat
flattery praise aid happiness appeasement compliment pleasantry respect kindness right help admiration adulation commendation approval love satisfaction endorsement pleasure agreement sanction hindrance prevention suppression discouragement repression blank honor estimation guess
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