camp meaning in marathi

Word: camp
Meaning of camp in english - consciously affecting the unfashionable, weird, or bizarre, site for outdoor living

Meanings in marathi :

As noun :
sihabir ( सिहबीर )
Synonyms of camp
affected pop avant-garde wild arch mod artificial far out mannered ostentatious posturing Daliesque encampment shed chalet shack tilt shanty lean-to hut cottage caravansary lodge wigwam bivouac campfire campground tepee camping ground log cabin summer home
Identical words :
camphor - kaapur ( कापुर )
camphor merchant - kaapuravaani ( कापुरवानी )
camp of nomadic people - paali ( पाळी )
camping together - melikaar ( मेलिकार )
camping place - mailyakaar ( मैल्यकार )
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